Korg G1 Air Digital Piano


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Included Bench (Black / White) and Headphones

With unparalleled sound and a beautifully expressive playing experience, the G1 sets a new standard for the digital piano. 

 The breathtakingly detailed sound and dynamic feel of the G1 provides the pianist with every possible shade of musical expression. Based on decades of ground breaking piano sound technology from KORG, makers of the award-winning KRONOS, and a precisely engineered keyboard that responds perfectly from gentle pianissimo to powerful fortissimo, KORG have created a unique digital piano. The technology of the G1 is so advanced you can even see it; the beautifully crafted slim-line cabinet of the G1 is a result of KORG's unique history of musical instrument design and audio technology. Finally, there is no compromise between superb sound and impeccable design. Creating an immersive sound experience from a digital piano as compact and stylish as the G1 is a truly remarkable achievement. When you see it, touch it, and hear it, the KORG G1 will change your perception of digital pianos forever.

  • The sound of three of the world's finest concert grand pianos
  • Multiple-layer samples for ultimate realism
  • Digital recreation of grand piano string and damper resonance for ultimate realism
  • RH3 keyboard accurately simulates acoustic piano touch and response
  • Newly developed amplification and speaker system
  • Contemporary design cabinet available in 3 color options
  • Bluetooth audio playback
  • Made in Japan - Premium Japanese Quality


  • Keyboard: 88 Keyboard (A0-C8), RH3 (Real Weighted Hammer Action 3 keyboard)
  • Sound Generation: Stereo PCM
  • Polyphony: 120
  • Sound: 29 + 3
  • Demo Song: 50 (Sound Demos: 10, Piano Songs: 40)
  • Pedal: Damper*, Soft*, Sostenuto (*Half-pedaling supported)
  • Metronome: Tempo, beat, sounds, level
  • Interface: Line Out, MIDI (In, Out), USB, Headphones x 2, Padels, Speakers, DC 24 V
  • Output: (20 w +20 w) x 2
  • Size: 1,346 mm x 384 mm x 822 mm
  • Weight: 41 kg
  • Color: Black, White, White Ash

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