Yamaha Synthetic Trombone Slide Lubricant

Yamaha 合成長號拉管潤滑油脂


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Yamaha Trombone Slide Lubricant is a long-lasting, state-of-the-art trombone slide lubricant. It features an advanced formula specially designed to offer long-lasting performance and unmatched slide action.

Just apply a few drops to each side of your inner slide tubes and you're ready to go. No messy creams or two-part formulas to deal with, so you're up and playing in seconds. For extra-fast action you can spray a fine mist of water onto the slide, but even without water the lubricant will make the slide extremely smooth.

The advanced lubricant formula will never dry out or become solid, making the slide less likely to get sticky or gummed up.

Yamaha trombone slide lubricant is ideal for players of any level and is a favorite among many of the top trombone artists in the country.

"After trial and error with many different slide lubrication options, I found the Yamaha Slide Lubricant to work best with my trombone." – Andy Martin, Yamaha Trombone Artist.


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