YAMAHA Tour Custom 5pcs Drum Set with Hardware (Available in 3 Colors)


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Colors Available: Apple Candy Satin/ Chocolate Satin/ Butterscotch Satin

Inspired by Yamaha award winning Maple Custom Absolute and Absolute Maple Hybrid, Yamaha Drums fuses decades of being the most in demand touring and studio drums in the world for professionals by introducing Tour Custom.

Designed with close consultation by Yamaha’s world-wide artist family, maximum projection through the wide dynamic range is achieved with 6-ply 5.6 mm maple shells, 2.3 mm inverse dynahoops and now with U.S. Maple grain under luxurious clear satin finishes. Professional options for better drummers on a budget.

Yamaha Drums and Hardware raising the bar of value.

Drum sizes are 16" x 22" bass drum, 5.5" x 14" Stage Custom Steel snare drum, 8" x 10" and 9" x 12" rack toms, 15" x 16" floor tom. Included hardware are Cymbal stand x2, Hi-hat stand x1, Snare stand x1, Two rack tom holders x1 and Kick pedal x1. Cymbals sold separately.

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