Yamaha SLB200 set ( Silent Bass with Knee support & Extension frame )


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Yamaha SLB200 ( Silent Bass set ) 

Yamaha's Silent Bass series feature a body and pickup systems designed to bring out the best tone from each instrument. The SLB200 is a performance-oriented bass designed with a light and compact body that makes transport to and from the gig a breeze. The hollow body design and special internally mounted pickup system deliver pizzicatos which are solid, rich, and realistic, and fit naturally into any jazz or pop setting. Built-in electronics offer plug and play simplicity and the detachable frame gives the instrument a feel and playability close to that of an acoustic bass.

Detachable Frame for Convenience and Portability

The SLB200 features frame that provides excellent support and comfort while playing, but can be easily detached for convenient storage and transportation. The SLB200 fits in a compact case that can be comfortably carried with a shoulder strap.

Straightforward Controls

Volume, bass, and treble controls on the SLB200 combine with active electronics to allow versatile plug-and-play operation without the need for external preamplification.

Standard Soft Case

SLB200 set comes with below accessories :
1/. Knee Support ( BKS2 )  :
The SLB200 set will come with the knee support to add comfort while playing the instrument. It can be easily attached to the back of the SLB 200 body. The instrument can be leaned against the left knee when playing while sitting on a stool.
Simply align the end of the metal frame unit with the matching indentation on the knee support, and use the three screws to secure the support in place.
2/. Extension Frame ( BEF2 )  :
The SLB200 set will also comes with this BEF2 Extension Frame. The extension frame will increase your playability and adjust to your own comfortable playing position.  
Connects with simple attachment to back of SLB-200 body.
Size String Length 1,040mm (41")
Neck Maple
Body Spruce/Mahogany
Frame Beech (Detachable)
Finger Board Rosewood
Peg Custom Worm Gear Type
Tailpiece Ebony (Reverse Type)
Bridge Maple (Height Adjustable)
Pickup Piezo Pickup
Strings D'Addario Helicore Pizzicato
Electric Controls Volume, Treble, Bass
In/Out Jacks Line Out
Power Supply 9V Battery 1pc.
Battery Life Manganese Approx. 350 hrs
Alkaline Approx. 500 hrs
Weight 7.2kg (15 lbs. 14 oz)
Accessories Soft Case, 9V Battery 1pc.


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