PEARL 5" x 14" Dennis Chambers Signature Snare

PEARL 5" x 14" Dennis Chambers Signature Snare


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The Pearl 14" x 5" Dennis Chambers Signature Aluminum Snare Drum is rather unique thanks to its asymmetric lug design - it's got 12 lugs on the top and 8 on the bottom!

The more lugs you have, the more precise your tuning can be, which is why the top head on this drum can be tightened at a whopping dozen points. So why not 12 on the bottom? The more lugs you have, the longer tuning or reheading takes. Drummers simply don't mess with the bottom head enough to need more than 8.

The shell on this unique drum is made from 3mm thick cast aluminum, giving you a bright bark at higher tuning levels, and a mellower metallic tone at low-to-mid tunings. Its milled texture, black nickel finish, and nickel colored hardware are the icing on the cake.

This drum comes equipped with small, round STL100 lugs that look great and take up minimal shell surface area to keep the drum's resonance long. SuperHoop II hoops make tuning a cinch and give you some sick nasty rim shots. Evans heads are included.


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