(Package) ABRSM 2021-2022 Exam Pieces Grade 1 - Grade 8 with CD + Teaching Note (9pcs)


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Each books contains nine pieces from each ABRSM’s Grade 1* to Grade 8 Piano syllabus for 2021 & 2022, three pieces chosen from each grades of Lists A, B and C. The pieces have been carefully selected to offer an attractive and varied range of styles, creating a collection that provides an excellent source of repertoire to suit every performer. The book also contains helpful footnotes and, for those preparing for exams, useful syllabus information.

The enclosed CD features inspiring recordings of all 30 pieces on each grade syllabus, performed by Nikki Iles, Dinara Klinton, Robert Thompson and Anthony Williams.
*There is a slight delay in the publication of Grade 1 Exam Pieces Book with CD, the estimated delivery date is to be confirmed. (Subject to the official online announcement, and a branch colleague will notify the pickup)
REMARKS: 如果 PTC/ETC/MFL 會員想享有更多價惠,請聯絡就近分行同事查詢。另外,如果單一訂單滿HK$1,000,即可免運費送至指定地址(僅限香港),而Grade 1 考試書附CD需要到貨時另自取。


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