Neotech Classic Strap 木管樂器黑色頸帶 (多款選擇)


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Classic Strap™ offers the sophisticated performer a comfortable alternative. The tailored design is great for your saxophone, bass clarinet, English horn, bassoon, oboe and other instruments. The improved pad utilizes a laminated construction of neoprene layers, nylon reinforcement and comfort foam. These combined features conform to the neck and shoulders and create a unique cushioning feel with better support. Classic Strap™ minimizes the strap movement while maximizing the comfort - it’s sure to be a classic!

  • Fits a wide range of instruments including saxophone, bass clarinet, English horn, bassoon and oboe
  • Laminate construction creates a unique cushioning feel with better support

Swivel hook: Popular option with closed design. Great for students as it offers added security.  Strong enough to even carry a Baritone Sax.

Metal hook: Ideal for instruments with small eyelets, i.e. bass clarinet, English horn, oboe, bassoon, etc. Also great for quick instrument changes at gigs.

Regular size, swivel hook (2001162): approx size 17"–21" (43,2cm–53,3cm)

X-long, swivel hook (2001172): approx size 20.5"–27" (52,1cm–68,6cm)

Regular, metal hook (2001192): approx size 16"–20" (40,6cm–50,8cm)

Measured from the back of the neck to the bottom of the hook. The Swivel hook adds an additional 1" to the length measurements.


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