Korg tinyPIANO Digital Toy Piano (with AC Adaptor)


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First impressions stay with us. If it's an instrument, the sound of that instrument continues to reverberate in our hearts and minds even when we become adults.

Just because something is called a toy piano, doesn’t mean it has to sound like a toy. If the instrument has correct pitch and accurate tone, a child who plays with the instrument will look forward to better instruments as they grow older.

The KORG tinyPIANO is a digital piano made by a musical instrument manufacturer renowned for professional pianos for the children who carry the future.

- Twenty-five built-in sounds that let you learn while playing
- Fifty built-in demo songs to enjoy even when you're not playing
- Small, easily transportable, and powered by AA batteries
- Choose from four colors: Black, White, Red, Pink

Included Accessories - AC Adaptor KA350


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