Cabart P+3 Oboe

Cabart P+3 雙簧管


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An exceptional intermediate oboe produced by the Lorée company since 1974, the Cabart oboe is an excellent choice for advanced students and dedicated amateurs. This oboe offers a rich sound and quality craftsmanship at a affordable price.  Made of grenadilla, this full conservatory instrument has a left hand F key, B♭ and F resonance keys, third octave key, and all trill keys.

P+3 雙簧管規格 :

  • 半自動系統
  • 非洲黑木管身,鍍銀音鍵
  • 備有顫音鍵及3個8度鍵
  • 叉狀的F同鳴鍵
  • 左手F鍵
  • 低音降B共鳴鍵


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