BG France Revelation 單簧管束圈 (L4R/L8R/L9R)


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Fabric ligature equipped with a brass plate. Provides a clear tone for the clarinetist.

  • BG's "Revelation" Ligature.
  • The ligature offers reed contact with metal plate only.
  • This creates a clear tone and more focused intonation.
  • Due to the metal plate offering direct reed contact, it allows the musician to articulate easier.
  • Clear sound, Easy staccato
  • Black fabric
  • Minimum contact as only rails come in contact with Reeds
  • Ensemble / Orchestra
  • Mouthpiece:Ebonite mouthpieces
  • Versatile. For beginners to professional players

L4R Bb Clarinet, cap no.1

L8R Eb Clarinet, cap no.5

L9R Bass Clarinet, cap no.4


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