Yamaha YTR8335WS XENO Bb Trumpet


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A custom trumpet based on fourth generation Xeno. It is a successor to the YTR-8335SKMV Jinyo model supervised by Mr. Osamu Kamiyoshi, a trumpet player who is active in a wide range of fields including solo and orchestra. It is based on the Xeno YTR - 8335S released in the fall of 2013, but the biggest feature is the thick bell.

Yamaha has adopted its own "YT Bell" which has the top class size among its lineup. In order to obtain compatibility with the bell, the lead pipe is equipped with a new original design in the Yamaha studio. Like the previous model, comfortable blowing feeling, quick response is alive. A warm warmth and outstanding blowing feeling, operability is compatible.

It is a model that expresses a new aspect of the Xeno series which is suitable not only for professional players, music students, but also for middle and high brass band members individually. Very comfortable blowing feeling and the presence of sound that does not weaken even in pianissimo. Please enjoy pure sound full of transparency.

YTR8335WS Specifications

  • Developed with Artist ‘Osamu Kamiyoshi’
  • Key: Bb
  • Bell: 123mm One-piece Yellow Brass YT Bell
  • Bore: Special ML
  • Valve: Stainless Steel Piston Spring
  • Mouthpiece: TR-KMV14-GP
  • Finish: Silver Plated

< Lead-Free Solder >

Yamaha products are made using lead-free solder. After years of study, Yamaha has discovered a new solder which is not only better for the environment but actually adds harmonic breadth to the sound. new refinements include point key arms contributing to elegant visual appeal.

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